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25 Hikes less than 90 minutes from the Denver metro area

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Obviously your time/distance may vary based on where you live and traffic, but these hikes are close-ish to Denver and worth exploring.

Roundtrip Length in Miles
Comments on Hike
Coyote Song and Valley View Trail
South Valley Park
Short, pretty trail popular with dog walkers and some bikers. There is no shade but on cool mornings or when you don't have much time, this trail is a perfect quickie.
Meridian Trail
Hike in about 1/1.5 miles and then walk through a mile-long aspen grove when the colors are at their peak! It's not an exciting hike otherwise as it just ends without a bang, but the fall colors are spectacular if you hit it right.
Ranch View/Sandstone Meadow/Red Rock Loop
Sandstone Ranch Open Space (Larkspur)
I combined trails for a 7 mile walk on this former ranch. Not difficult and has nice wide trails that are easy to share and some interesting historical buildings too.
Bear Creek Trail to Panorama Point
Lair o' the Bear Park
Starts along the creek with lots of crowds and then climbs up to Panorama Peak. I really enjoyed this hike, but there were lots of bikers zooming past - I was glad I left my dog at home due to that. Panorama Point overlooks Evergreen and Mt Evans and is worth the climb!
Independence Mountain Trail
Pence Park
It's steep but shaded and has nice views at the top. Cross the road and add some extra distance in O'Fallon Park on the Bear Creek Trail as well.
Buck Gulch Loop
Pine Valley Ranch Park
A long one that goes through a previous burn area and through forests. It starts at Pine Lake which is a beautiful picnic spot and there are several trail options shorter than 12.4 miles. Strawberry jack loop = 8.5 miles and a shorter Park View-Strawberry Jack-Pine Lake Loop = 2.9 miles. This park is rarely crowded.
Eag'es View Trail Loop
Reynolds Ranch County Park
Start with a steep climb and then make a relatively level loop with some nice views to the south and west.
Willow Creek & South Rim Loop
Roxborough State Park
Pack your spikes if it's cold or sunscreen and water if it's hot for this relatively exposed hike with stunning views of Roxborough!
Elk Falls
Staunton State Park
A challenging and long hike to a tall waterfall in this great state park. I like to take Scout Line, which is steeper but more interesting.
Red Rocks to Morrison Slide
Red Rocks Park
Views of the amphitheater on a not-too-hard hike to the north of it. Can be icy in the winter and hot in the summer, but if you are prepared it is always a good one.
Waterton Canyon
This is Section 1 of the Colorado Trail and feels like a walk for the first few miles, but after that you lose the walking crowd and are left with bikers and sheep! No dogs are allowed (to protect the wildlife) but this is a great place to bring a jogging stroller or try out your new snowshoes in the winter.
Mount Sanitas
There are multiple routes up Mount Sanitas but they all take you to a lovely view of Boulder at the top! Lion's Lair (on the west) does not allow dogs, FYI.
Chief Mountain
Idaho Springs
Short, steep and stunning views! A popular trail with views from Mt Evans to Long's Peak if the skies are clear. Lots of dogs on this trail and in the winter? Lots of ice. Bring your poles and spikes and be prepared for wind once you pop out over treeline!
Mule Deer (Upper) and Coyote
Golden Gate Canyon State Park
I have hiked this in both directions; Coyote is the steep part, so decide if you want to go up or down the steep part. I like GGCSP best in the fall and winter; the aspens are glorious here and it is a great place for snowshoeing!
Cheesman Canyon
Sedalia, CO
Popular for fishing, it's also a really nice hike. The canyon is pretty and the trail has some nice ups and downs without being a steep climb.
Sisters Loop & Brothers Overlook
Alderfer Park (Evergreen)
Great for kids who like to scramble on rocks and enough variety for the whole family to enjoy!
Legault Mountain, Sunny Aspen & Lodge Pole Loop
Meyer Ranch
Beautiful in the fall, and shaded for nice hiking in the summer, it's hard to go wrong on this popular trail. Watch for bikes and there are lots of people and dogs.
Maxwell Falls
Such a nice little hike to a waterfall! I prefer it in the winter, but it's lovely year-round. You won't be alone on this trail, but it is great with kids. There are several options around the falls (upper, lower, loop combinations) so you can pick a slightly short or longer hike.
Golden Eagle to Bill Couch Mtn
Deer Creek Canyon
Meadowlark is a little exposed and hot on warm days and then Plymouth Creek is shaded and often icy during the fall, winter and even late into the spring. Deer Creek is popular with mountain bikers and trail runners, so don't expect privacy, but you can get a great workout without traveling very ar.
Rim Rock Loop & Creek Bottom Loop
Castlewood Canyon State Park
This canyon is tucked into the southwest suburbs and is a nice hike on sunny, cool days. It is exposed in the summer so I wouldn't recommend it during the heat of the summer. The canyon trail is shady and can be icy.
Mason Creek - Border Line
Staunton State Park
Staunton offers a really "big hike" experience close to home. Long trails, big views, easy or challenging trails: Staunton has it all! Staunton can be icy so bring your spikes if the weather requires it.
Button Rock via Sleepy Lion
Lyons, CO
A little bit of everything on this hike and we were so pleasantly surprised! The dogs loved it and we really liked the variety of the trail.
Red Rocks Trading Post
Red Rocks Park
Short, impressive and doable with out-of-town guests! Highly recommend for something easy and pretty.
Carpenter Peak
Roxborough State Park
No dogs are allowed in Roxborough, but Carpenter Peak is a great hike! You see the red rocks in the park and get some great views at the top. The best time to hike here, in my opinion, is after a fresh snow!
Parmalee to Walker's Dream
Mt Falcon (west side)
This is a nice hike with some pretty views from Walker's Dream. The meadow trail can be icy, so I prefer to start on Parmalee, go up to Walker's Dream to the Summer White House location and then hike back on the Castle trail.
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