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I am an adventurous day hiker who loves to camp - comfortably - between hikes.  I have loved hiking since moving to Colorado after college 26 years ago, but I started hiking in earnest on January 1, 2018 when I started the 52 Hike Challenge for the first time. 

Now completing the challenge for the fifth time, I have hiked well over 1400 miles since 2018.  I have seen so many beautiful places that I wanted a way to share them with others.  Hopefully the Jazzy Hiker can help you expand your love of hiking too! 


I'm 50 and not that coordinated, first of all.  The hikes that I do are sometimes hard and I have been known to come home with a butt bruise - more than once - after a tumble on the trail!  I am never going to be a trail runner or be the fastest up the mountain, but I will make it and I will have the photographic proof, as I love to take pictures along the way.  

When I'm not hiking, camping or planning to hike and camp, I am a high school French teacher and mother to two kids and two dogs.  I am very lucky to have my husband of over 27 years, who thinks I'm crazy but fully supports my passion for being outdoors in Colorado.   

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