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Hiking with the kids - ages 4 & 7

Family-Friendly Hikes

My kids have been hiking with me since they were little, but it wasn't always easy.  I used to bribe them with pop-tarts to hike "just to the top of that ridge!" and it worked!  Today, my teenage daughter will join me but only if the hike meets her strict guidelines and if she doesn't have plans with her friends.  


Emily-approved hikes must be: 

  • Less than 6 miles (but will extend on occasion)

  • At least partly shaded (definitely not exposed, sunny & hot)

  • Has varied terrain (not 3 miles of straight up)

  • WOW factor at the end (no hiking for hiking's sake) 

hikes to try with your family 

​New Emily-approved hike: Willow Creek Falls near Silverthorne!  

  • Roxborough State Park is great!

  • The Crags, near Mueller State Park, is a fun hike for the whole family

  • Mayflower Gulch is a great snowshoe and summer hike with cabin ruins near Copper Mtn

  • Hanging Lake near Glenwood is steep, but worth it!  Check for status and permits.

  • In RMNP? Take a stroll around Sprague Lake (great for visiting flatlanders!)

  • Also in RMNP, hikes to Bierstadt Lake and Dream Lake are fun with kids

  • Three sisters/Brother overlook in Alderfer near Evergreen

  • Waterton Canyon (go as far you as like then turn around!  Also bike friendly)

  • Maxwell Falls is great summer or winter, but crowded - Evergreen

  • Mitchell Creek Canyon - Castle Rock

  • Rim Rock to Creek Bottom in Castlewood Canyon State Park 

  • Ranch View & Sandstone Meadow - Larkspur Meadow Open Space

  • Shrine Ridge Trail - Vail Pass

  • Silver Dollar/Murray Lakes - Georgetown 

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