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Hiking Blue Lakes

I liked this one so much, I hiked it twice over three days and then returned the next summer with my husband! 


It was a short drive from Ridgway State Park and then a steady incline for three miles to the lower Blue lake.  This lake is prettiest with the sun hitting it.  The four times I passed it on my two hikes here, I only caught glimpses of it with sunlight.  Many people camp here and then summit Mt. Sneffels, but I only continued on to the upper two lakes.  It’s a bit of a climb from the lower to the middle lake, but there are some absolutely stunning views of the lake as you go and the wildflowers can be stunning. 

While climbing up from the lower lake to the middle lake, I turned a corner, stepping up onto a rock ledge on the trail and almost ran into a pair of young bull moose! It almost made me pee my pants I was so scared. I had nowhere to go because they were on the trail and there was a cliff to my right, so I ducked behind a rock and hoped for the best. They eventually ran past me but it took at least 30 minutes for me to calm down.

The middle lake is best viewed from the far end, when you are near the upper lake.  The upper lake was actually my favorite!  Perfectly still, less people around and very picturesque.  I suggest walking around the far side of the lake, where the trail starts to ascend to Mt. Sneffels, and enjoying the views looking back towards the trail.  There is a nice rock on the (west?) side of the upper lake where I saw a naked man meditating before jumping in the water!  I didn’t follow his lead, but enjoyed the entertainment.

There are some great view points if you climb up above the upper lake and although there isn’t really a marked trail, there were lots of people up there when I visited, so you should see where to go.  

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